Scarlet Scents Body Oil “Oud”- This is also known as ‘Liquid Gold’, due to the fact that it is strong, rich, musky, spicy, and has an animalistic sensuality. It is the most alluring and magnetic fragrance of all time.

Scarlet Scents Home Fragrance “Oud”- This opulent scent is wrapped around the bold intensity of oud, cinnamon and clove. Calming agarwood renowned for its relaxing properties is supported with musk and warm sweet sandalwood.

Scarlet Scents Home Fragrance “Fresh”- This home fragrance is a burst of soft sweet and tangy fruits, from sweet red strawberries and tangy citrus, mixed with sweet and creamy white musk and sweet essence giving the most welcoming sweet clean air to your home.

Scarlet Scents Body Oil “Fresh”- This is a blend of handpicked fresh roses, hydrangeas, lilies and orchids with an undertone of amber. This body oil has a soothing effect that is sensual and desirable. The fresh oil oozes sophistication and class.