21 Interesting Accessories to Make Your Bookshelves Wow

Jul , 7
21 Interesting Accessories to Make Your Bookshelves Wow

Bookshelves have become a place where we showcase more than just the knowledge we’ve picked up, but also our sense of style. Maybe you’ve looked at a bookcase before and thought: “How did they do that?” Well, attention to detail and curating beautiful complimentary items is exactly how. And here’s how you can too!

Framed Art

Add dimension with framed art.


Use decorative baskets to conceal more functional items.

Floating Orb Garden Kit

This terrarium adds a point of interest and intrigue to your shelves. Cultivate your own mini garden that will last all year long.

Personalized Light Box

Say whatever you want, when you want. Just make sure you #gramit

Gold Pineapple

Maybe you like pineapples, maybe you like geometrical shapes or sculptures. Either way, show it off!

Instax Camera

We love making everyday items decorative. Whether it’s a vintage camera or your well-used Instax, you can place it on a stack of books or use it to add height.

Decorative Vase Set

Find a vase that provides some contrast in size to your other bookshelf items. This set (with varying heights) ensures you’ll always have one that fits.

Coffee Table Book

Books don’t just belong on the coffee table!

Magazine File Box

Holding on to your old issues of Darling, but don’t want to keep them on display? These are the perfect solution.


Because you can never have enough candles.

Trinket Dish

Everyone’s bookshelf should include pretty trinkets they love.

Glass Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are perfect for special items that truly deserve to be put on display.


The organic shape of grape wood always makes it a great addition to a bookcase.

Sculptural Sphere

With three different finishes, you can liven up your shelf with the precious metal of your choice. Our choice? Rose gold.

Agate Bookend

Highlight some of your most quotable reads with these bookends.

Brass Canisters

Fill them with sand and finds from your last trip to the beach trip. We love them as a trio or single.


Candles or no candles, these can stay!

Wooden Bowl

Prop it up decoratively or use it to display travel mementos.

Natural Crystal Geode

These add natural texture and a little sparkle. Raw amethyst pieces will never go out of style!


Never lose track of time while curled up a good book.


Trays create separation and allow for a display within a display.


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