How to Make a Headboard: 17 Creative DIY Headboard Ideas to Try for Yourself

Jun , 30
How to Make a Headboard: 17 Creative DIY Headboard Ideas to Try for Yourself

Thinking of a DIY headboard project? While headboards are nice aesthetic elements, they’re not free, and frankly, most possess no real function beyond making your bed look like it’s meant to be there. Thankfully, there are tons of simple solutions for crafting your own DIY headboard, these design ideas require both minimal effort and little to no carpentry skills.

Hang a textile

Tapestries and rugs give off the look and feel of a fabric headboard at a fraction of the price. If the weave is loose enough, you can nail one directly to the wall like this lunar stardust option. Choose something equal to the width of your bed or just a smidge wider.


Draw one onto the wall

You don’t have to get as elaborate as She did in this dreamy interior design in the video below—but if you’d like to, a projector might come in handy so you can trace a photo or design you like.


Bedroom mural #art #painting #murals #dreamy #artpainting #arttiktok

♬ Dream – The Pied Pipers

Lean up old windows

Achieve your bedroom makeover with a classic flea market find: old shutters and windows. The more character the better, and the best part? No installation is required.

Paint half the wall

Yes, this particular headboard project will require some effort—but you won’t have to paint the whole wall (unless you want to!). A laser level and some painter’s tape will ensure you get the line very straight. Go for a bold arch or a subtle two-tone variation


Drape a throw over a rod

Hang some sort of rod from the ceiling using fishing wire or use a curtain rod and secure it directly to the wall. Looking for something to mount?

Secure a pillow to the wall

There are tons of leather straps on Etsy. Once they’re trimmed to wrap around an extra-long pillow and then secured to the wall using screws, it might even look like you’ve got an impressive tufted headboard.

Mosaic a few tiles into a modern headboard

Here’s an easy way to make your bed the focal point of the room. And we won’t even tell if you use vinyl stickers.

Wedge a folding screen flat behind your bed frame

Pick up a room divider from a thrift store or swipe it from your parents’ attic. Pressed up behind the bed it will flatten out and do the job in an instant.


Lean art on a shelf

Of course, this only works if your bed can be pushed up to a shelf on the wall (windowsills count!). Art is just one option for what to put there, but it’s certainly a funky way to show off cool wall prints.

Show you’re book-smart

Raid your bookshelves or the bargain bin at your local used bookstore for hardcovers and nail them to a plywood board for this literary piece.




Draw the line

Use budget-friendly washi tape to create a minimalist geometric pattern or skyline.




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