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Useful tips on the office environment and how best to design a modern office to maximise productivity in the workplace:

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Useful tips on the office environment and how best to design a modern office to maximise productivity in the workplace:

Welcome to November 2021

We are gradually reaching the end of the year and we believe this month should be about ticking off the last set of activities on your 2021 list of goals. We wish you good luck with that!

This month however is for our CEO clients and employees! We will be sharing useful tips on the office environment and how best to design a modern office to maximise productivity in the workplace:

1.      Invest in good quality furniture.

“If you buy cheap, you buy twice!” Assign a good part of your budget to quality and comfortable furniture for your office. These items are used at least 5 out of 7 days of the week and are bound to start deteriorating at some point. There’s no need to make furniture replacement a quarterly expenditure when you can buy long-lasting quality!

2.     Open up the space!

No matter how big or small the space you’re working with is, you can always make the most of it by introducing a more open plan layout. If this means knocking down office partitions, dismantling individual cubes or completely rearranging the desk layout, do it. Not only does an open office layout make the most of the space you have, and can in some cases make the area seem bigger, it also offers employees more room to collaborate.

3.     Introduce optimal lighting.

There’s no better work space than a bright, airy environment. Nature has been proven to make people happier and more productive and can be very useful in building an efficient workforce. Ensuring that your office space allows in as much natural light as possible means getting rid of window covers of all sorts. After all, it’s important to make your office somewhere that your team is happy and comfortable to spend most of their time in.

Reducing the need for artificial lighting can also help to lower energy costs in the long run and possibly affect your electricity bill positively!

4.     Glass Partitioning.

Where spaces need to be divided, go the glass way! Asides from it being what is trending, glazed partitioning systems are a great idea for modern offices that want to maximise the amount of natural lighting whilst also creating a more open workspace and keeping an element of privacy. It’s a great alternative to solid walls and doors when it comes to dividing an office and creating private areas for meetings etc. The best thing about glass partitions is that they don’t disrupt the design of an office, instead they enhance it.

5.     Introduce mood boosters.

The key feature of a modern office environment will ideally focus on enhancing the experience for employees. It’s important to ensure that the office is a place they want to be spending their time, so it’s in an employer’s interest to help achieve this. Mood-boosting elements such as plants, nature features, interesting art, etc can help to add to atmosphere in the office and boost the mood of employees. A good mood in the office gives way for a strong and productive work force.

6.     Keep things organised.

A small space with many people can quickly become untidy, so enforce some rules that makes sure everyone’s on the same page and all have the same goal to keep the place tidy. Introduce storage systems that will help hide clutter and maintain tidiness. When an environment gets untidy, it can affect the creative process of the people that have to work in them.


7.     Pay close attention to the finishing touches.

Sometimes it really is the smaller things that make the biggest difference. For example, if you’re heading towards a minimal design style, it might just be those few colourful planter pots cleverly displayed on shelving cubicles that really add the finishing touch. The finishing touches are usually what tie the entire design together. So, after investing in the main elements of an office redesign, it’s worth taking time to focus on the small touches to bring everything together in the end.

8.     Let’s not forget branding!

You brand your website, advertising, products and more, so why not brand your office as well?! Many modern offices splash branding across their workspaces, and focus their primary colours around this too. Branding your office adds visual interest to the area, and can be great for creating feature walls and adding attractive features to the office spaces.


Whether you’re about to undergo an entire office refurbishment, or make some minor improvements, it’s vital to bear in mind that the office reflects the company’s image, and can have a big influence on the productivity of employees and impression on visitors. So, get creative and have fun with it!

Have a wonderful time this month of November and don’t forget we are available to fix all of your Interior Design problems. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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