About Structured Spaces.

Nov , 29
About Structured Spaces.

Hello reader! And welcome to the Structured Spaces blog. If you’re here on purpose, then you have an idea of who we are and what we do. But if you just happened upon this page, please don’t leave just yet! This pioneer post is majorly for everyone. Structured Spaces is a Nigerian-based Interior Design firm located in Abuja. We are all about
enhancing and making interior spaces in buildings functional, safe and beautiful. Every client (and their space) is special and unique and as we have that in mind, we come up with equally special and unique ideas to suit our various clients.

The work we do is diverse because interior design is more diverse than a lot of people actually think. In the nearest future, we’ll be publishing a post based on this. We majorly consult and create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces for our clients. We also produce some of our design components like woodwork and furniture pieces. We supply light fittings, sanitary fittings and other items that we need to make your space come alive! Our motto, “Transforming Lives Through Design” lets you know that we are bound to leave a definite positive impact on our clients.

This blog is going to be about interior design (…obviously) and what it’s all about. Common and uncommon knowledge, fun facts, myths even, do’s and don’t’s the whole package! It’s going to be an interesting journey for us and a worthy investment (we hope) for design enthusiasts and prospective clients. The internet these days is like an unlimited book of knowledge so it will be our pleasure to add to its content. If you have come this far down this post then we are glad you did. We promise to make this blog as interesting and educative as possible.

You can interact with us in the comment section on the questions you have about Interior Design.
Stay beautiful!

by Teresa Ibiam

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