Creating The Perfect Master Bedroom

Sep , 4
Creating The Perfect Master Bedroom

By Teresa Ibiam

For a lot of people, the bedroom has to be the most important space in the home because, at the end of the day, it is where people get to kick back their shoes, unwind and destress from all the day’s activities.

In the work we do, we’ve come to notice that a lot of clients tend to shift the attention and glam elements of their homes to other spaces like the living room, kitchen, and in a family home, the kids’ rooms. This blog post should inspire anyone and everyone to glam up their master bedroom and show it some TLC with the help of the nuggets we shall be sharing.

To be clear, a master bedroom should be the largest bedroom in a house with a relatively large ensuite bathroom, a walk-in closet, an exit to the outdoor (like a patio or balcony), and large or multiple windows for natural ventilation and lighting.

The perfect bedroom should have all these forms of lighting:

Natural lighting- just because it is an essential design tool!!

Ambience lighting- for overall lamination of the space. Sources of these form of lighting are chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights or wall-mounted light fittings

Task lighting- a smaller beam of light for a particular task like a table or reading lamp or a grooming(shaving) light

Accent Lighting- to highlight a certain object in the room. Like a bookshelf or painting or mirror. It creates room for visual interest.

As Nigeria is a tropical country where windows for ventilation are required to make a space liveable. There is the option of artificial air-conditioning units but it is a luxury that not all can afford. Windows are necessary to let in natural lighting or control the glare it sometimes brings with it. The option of the kind of sunshade you’d like to use is up to the style of design you’re going with. Drapes, blinds, etc are all efficient shading devices.

For the walls of a master bedroom, your colour scheme should always exude a calm, relaxing aura. We’ve talked about colours and their psychological effect once before. So avoid colours that stimulate energy. Neutral shades and cool colours are the way to go.

Now the bed!! This should be the focal point of any bedroom. The bed should be as wide as possible and take up optimal space. Bedside drawers are essentials in a master bedroom. Induce comfort with a lot of fluffy pillows and a warm duvet. It’s always nice to have an ottoman or chaise lounge at the foot of the bed. If you choose a headboard that isn’t long, then it’s best to clad the wall with a large painting or portrait.

Your walk-in closet should be your major storage area. There should be no clutter area in the bedroom. Every item should be tactfully placed, stored or hidden. Design the closet to be a multi-functional storage area.

And the last touch is to add a centre rug. That is if the entire room isn’t rugged up already.

If you’d like to inculcate a study or work area in your bedroom, check out our post on the * well-designed workplace*

We hope you loved this article and you learnt a thing or two. Let us know if you have any bedroom design ideas or difficulties. Comment below or contact us respectively.

See you at the next post!!


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