Designing a small space

Jun , 10
Designing a small space

In designing a small space:“Space planning is everything. The more space you have, the more storage and the more everything”

Living in a small space doesn’t mean your interiors can’t be well organized or beautiful! Small spaces have to be as functional as their large counterparts. When designing a Small Space, it is always best to go with minimalist contemporary design.

Here are a few design tips for small spaces:

Using Hidden Storage

Units like this will help your space look clean and organized. Inculcate storage drawers in your bed design, wall mounted shelves and bathroom vanities, centre pieces with storage spaces in the living room. Build storage spaces in places like under the staircase and neglected corner in bedrooms and living rooms.

Pick the Right Colour Scheme

When designing a small space avoid dark colours; Dark colours make rooms appear smaller. Monochromatic light shades will make the space appear larger than reality. Colour like an off-white shade, or a light grey or a pale blue. If you’re all about contrast, then you could throw in some dark shades but nothing major.

Large Scale Furniture may not be a good idea in a small space, smaller multi-functional and easily moveable furniture are always more advisable. Glass and light-coloured furniture will create a feeling of openness in a space
From shelving to drapes to furniture size and or pattern, let your concept be vertically inclined. Use floor to ceiling display and floor to ceiling drapes too!

Keep decorative accessories to a minimum to avoid cramming up the space. Well-placed mirrors can, however, add apparent volume to your small space. A fascinating illusion! Lastly, always tidy up after yourself in a small space.

Tidiness is very important in small spaces because it is so easy to get easy such spaces messy. These design tips are so easy to apply in designing a small space. These design ideas for small spaces are sure to make a huge impact on your space. With proportional furnishing, minimalist and clutter-free design, your small space will feel comfortable to be in and will also function effectively. After all, architecture is meant to provide solutions that are as functional as they are aesthetic. So clear small space owners, your interiors can be as beautiful as ever. Just call on Structured Spaces to help you with it!!

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