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Hello reader! It’s good to have you here.

This article is quite different from others we post. Here and now, we just want to inspire you. In what sense, you might ask?? Just be ready to be inspired.

Down below are a compilation of some quotes by great designers. Although most quotes are of interior designers and architects and because design generally means a well-planned solution to any problem, we have included some designers from other fields that their words have impacted us and we would just like to share. Have a great time going through this timeless post!!

-Joe Sparano, Technologist

-Nate Berkus, Interior Designer

-Massimo Vignelli, Furniture Designer

-Hazrat Inayan Khan, Teacher of Universal Sufism

-Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc.

-Giorgo Armani, Fashion Designer

-Albert Hadley, Interior Designer

-Charlotte Moss, Interior Designer and Author

-David Hicks, English Interior Designer

-Cameron Kimber, Interior Designer

-Meredith Heron, Interior Design

-Dr Ralf Speth, Owner of Jaguar

-Mieke Gerritzen, Dutch Graphic Designer

Charles Eames, Industrial Designer

-Zaha Hadid, Architect

-Terri Lind Davis, Artist and Designer


We hope that like a sponge, you have soaked up these wise words and drained them into your hearts and memory.

See you at the next blog post. Till then, Namaste….


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