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Home Improvements And Decor Ideas That Are Trending In The Design Industry

Jul , 18
Home Improvements And Decor Ideas That Are Trending In The Design Industry

Our homes should always be updated and pushed forward, bringing our experiences to every room and telling a story of who we are and a collection of what we love. Find below our SAVVY STRUCTURED SPACES GUIDE to aid homeowners on trending home improvement tips:

1- Landscape: Nothing instantly improves the curb appeal of your home more than good landscaping. Good landscaping is a well thought out and about more than just planting a favorite plant or tree in the yard. A properly landscaped yard will feature a variety of plants and flowers, scheduled to bloom at different times, so the yard is more than a “one season” wonder. A landscape expert can help you plan the placement of plants and flowers so your landscape looks symmetrical.

2- Living rooms: If you could only choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room will be top on the list, it’s that treasured space that tells the taste of your entire decorating style. To avoid the room from been clustered, it’s important to use the right colours. Colours could turn a room from busy to brilliant and from drab to
fab; also having an impressive first sight like a console could give the living room that fab look.

Also introduce different textures to prevent it from being boring. E.g. a crocheted throw, a rough-hewn linen sofa, patterned curtains or blinds, a nubby rug, all add depth to a monochromatic look. It’s essential for a living room to be light, airy and fresh.


3- Wall and Floor effect: When you walk into a room the first thing you notice are the walls and floors. Your goal is for everything to flow and feel balanced and for it to feel comfortable and up to date.

For flooring, the current trend favours hard surfaces because they are natural, durable and beautiful. I.e. wood, tile and laminates, usually softened with area rugs. Your flooring choice often comes down to your needs, lifestyle and budget.

For walls, painting or wall cladding is the trend of today. Painting has to be pitch perfect and long lasting for years to come, so the use of quality paints is advised. Wall Cladding could be either paper or paintable wall papers.

4- Fire Place: These charming home accents, even non-functioning fire places are once again becoming the focal points of homes. Instead of placing a large TV above the fire place or ignoring it all together, people now arrange their furniture to put the fire place centre stage.

5- Day and Night Blinds: This easy to install Chic blinds are safer for children and pets because of the absence of long dangling cords and strings that could hurt. It’s convenience of varied light absorption, shading levels and protection from intense sun while still matching elegant interiors has kept it in vogue all year round.

6- Backslash: Backslash’s are absolutely amazing, with only a fraction of space, it can turn your kitchen and bathroom into a magnificent space. Of course, the significant work of a backslash is to protect walls from grease, stain, moisture and fire. But who says you can’t be practical and give kitchens and bathrooms character at the same time; backslash in a kitchen offers form, character and function. Backslash choices include metal, marble, granite, mirrors and tiles.

7- Bedrooms: Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. If you feel stressed and tired at the end of the day, the last thing you want is a chaotic bedroom, instead you want your bed room to be a place of rest, of calm, and of sanctuary. Take a quick look of our tips for restyling your bedroom:

i- Keep your bedroom exclusive: it’s important to make your bedroom for sleeping, don’t set up your home office in here.
ii- No electronics, this includes TV, computers, even your mobile phones, without them you will sleep better. No electronics means less clutter which means less cleaning too.
iii- Invest in your bedroom: Your bed is the main event in your bedroom, so it means it needs to look and feel good. Invest in high quality bed linen, high thread count bedding to make sure your bed is soft and inviting, the same goes pillows and

8- Bathroom: Make your bathroom feel like a living space by adding on a couple of square feet and, installing new fixtures, flooring and cabinetry, also introducing some homely items: i.e. large statement bathroom mirrors, plush chairs, fresh flowers, vanity cases into the space and end the constant overrun by clutter. Bidets, hand spray wash also help to give
it a relaxing spa feel.

9- Technicolor stripes: Playful colours are making a splash in home decorating, with rainbow shades appearing on everything from bookshelves, shoe racks, shelves and wardrobes, creating visual appeal and balance. Stripes are also used on wall painting to
enhance its beauty and make a statement.

10- Storage: One of the most common problems that houses encounter is a problem of storage. Here’s bringing you brilliant quirky ways of turning dearth spaces into functional storage spaces, to give an all new look and gather compliments, for yourself and earn kudos for your creativity. E.g. storage under staircases

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