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Must-Have Features of a Well-Designed Workspace

Aug , 24
Must-Have Features of a Well-Designed Workspace

By Teresa Ibiam

The environment that we work in plays a significant role in how productive or unproductive we are at the end of the day, especially for creatives. Workspace design is important if you value your productivity rate or if you just like your immediate environment attractive and functional.

If your office or home study lack any of the features we’ll be listing in this post, then maybe it’s time to call on us to remedy the situation!


Noise-Cancelling (Acoustic Zoning)
The biggest distraction in a work environment has been proven by multiple studies to be ambient noise. If you’re able to control the noise level, then you’ll be reducing stress levels and boosting concentration tremendously. It’s the first step to creating a serene work environment. Common methods of reducing noise levels are wall cladding (especially with materials that
possess sound absorbent properties), use of thick rugs and various other materials with acoustic properties.

Optimal Space Utilization
While this not mean cramming up every inch of space available with people or objects, you should try to create a space where workers can interact and collaborate and still have their privacy. This, however, depends on the work culture of the organization or individual you’re designing for. An open office with fewer walls, cubicles and glass partitions is a good way to
encourage interaction.

Also, space utilization may also mean inculcating a good amount of storage units to avoid piles on desktops (which can be discouraging) is a good way to make workspaces “workable”.

Daylighting is an important element of interior design that should be applied in nearly all interiors. A person at work will not want to feel trapped inside a box for long hours. That sort of feeling is sure to spike up stress levels and affects productivity. Large windows that bring in sunlight are encouraged in a work environment.

Bring in Nature
Nature enhances productivity. Green zones and strategically positioned indoor plants will help workers feel at ease. This will enhance the ambiance of the space.

working involves long hours so let’s make them comfortable long hours, right?! Uncomfortable chairs are detrimental to productivity. Furnishing decisions should have comfort at the top of their priority list. Lounges with sofas are a good idea. Adjustable chairs and desks will also help a person at work feel at ease.

Let’s not forget aesthetics too. Colour scheme, wall art, paintings, etc. people love beautiful things!

These basic features are bound to encourage people into the space and affect productivity positively!

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